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Electric screen de luxe

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Premium motor screen in aluminium casing with lateral clamping system for professional +... more

"Electric screen de luxe" - Product information

Premium motor screen in aluminium casing with lateral clamping system for professional + long-term use: Ideal for short-distance slide shows, from a projection ratio (TR) of 0.95:1 in the equipment with the specially developed slide carrier, Blanco RL, with a black rear face
  • Aluminium casing, white, with a square profile of 10.5 cm (RAL 9003)
  • Includes a lateral clamping system on the right + left of the screen surface for an optimised flatness
  • Bend-proof, precision-made winding shaft made from aluminium with internal bracing structure
  • Contact edge on the winding shaft, tailored to the respective material thickness of the screen surface material
  • With noise-insulated motor
  • Varia Montage System (VMS) in order to easily mount onto walls or ceilings using snap-in locking technology
  • In the upper side of the casing, there is an in-built T-slot guide, arranged symmetrically
  • Adjustment of the projection screen suspension points to the spatial conditions by free positionability of the mounting angles in the T-slot guide It is recommended to move the mounting brackets 50 cm to the right + left in the T-slot guide to accommodate load capacities
  • The trapezoidal, lower weighting rod flushly closes the casing of the projection screen when the screen surface is retracted by means of a micro switch, necessary for integration into suspended ceilings
  • Completely possible to review the screen by using a removable lower closing cap, without the customer creating revision openings
  • Convenient + safe operation due to automatic end switch when the screen is being rolled up and unwound
  • Robust tubular motor 230 V, 50 Hz, 90 Watt allows for high operational safety
  • Motor and cable outlet on the right
  • Electrical connection: on site, following manufacturer`s specifications
  • CE mark
  • Construction as per DIN 19045 Parts 1 - 4
  • Safety technology as per DIN 19045 Part 5, and the following standards: Guidelines 2014/30/EU about electromagnetic compatibility (2014/35/EU), EN ISO:2010, EN ISO 13857, DIN EN 60335-1, DIN EN 60730-1:2012-10 and VDE 0631-1:2012-10 | 2-Year-Guarantee
  • Standard version delivery: without black border. The Blankora Supra screen surface can be equipped with a black border at an extra charge upon request. The Blanco RL screen surface is only available without a black border
  • Blankora Supra Screen Surface, Type D. High-quality fibreglass support with black rear. Luminance factor approx. 1, reflective type D as per DIN 19045. Weight: 900 g/m2, Panel width: 400 cm. Suitable for UltraHD thanks to the structureless surface
  • Built-in frame on request!

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